Gas boiler not working since Smart Meter install


Recently had a smart meter installed for both gas/elec. A day or two later I noticed my gas boiler is not on. Tried switching on again but pilot light goes out. Been reading up and sounds like a thermocouple issue but this was replaced last year so I’m thinking it may not be that or maybe the gas feed to the boiler? Just seems odd this is now not working since the install of the smart meters. Anyone else had any similar issues?


Did the installer purge the gas line of air after installing the meter?

Same with my install, air in pipe to the boiler.

@2provoid2 If it is just your boiler not working following a smart installation then you should get a gas safe engineer out to check this. If this engineer determines it was the fault of the installation and writes a report on this then Bulb would reimburse any cost incurred by you for this.