Gas card not supported

Hi. I have been using this company for a few months now and never had an issue with topping up my prepay meters. Today I tried to top-up my gas meter but get message card not supported. What am I meant to do now? Someone help me please.

When I insert my card in to the meter I get card not accepted and get following M***** on display. Is this a meter fault?

Hi @aaki179 ,

I’m not sure why you are getting this issue, but somebody else is reporting the same issue so I’m guessing there’s some sort of technical issue. You could try using your old prepayment card as the meter remembers the last two cards ( ) and should accept it even if it is from a different supplier - alternatively, you could try topping up with a VEND code on the receipt ( ).

If you are still having problems in the morning, it’ll be best to drop Bulb an email or call them (or catch them on live chat) via the details on as it might then be an ‘account specific issue’ we fellow customers wouldn’t be able to help with.

Don’t think I should use my old card and top that up and lose my money if that old card does the same thing. I have checked online and I believe my meter is faulty so will call customer services in the morning to arrange an engineer visit. I now get insert card and also M***"* right after it.