Gas connection not yet activated

Dear Hayden and Amit,
I have heard great reviews about Bulb and hence decided to change from my current provider to bulb. Firstly switching for me was difficult as my meters were not correctly mapped to the database. I requested my current provider to map it correctly after which i again approached bulb for switch.i got my electricity switch easily even though it was mentioned that i cannot be provided with a credit meter as my existing meter is a prepaid one. I had also applied for a had switch. But after few days since i didn’t see the mention of gas in my bulb account i called the customer care where i was mentioned it was not done and they raised a request on 22nd october mentioning the had switch will be fine by 9th November. I even provided my gas meter read in November and got an email from bulb that i will not have to do anything more. Bulb will only contact my existing provider. To my utter dismay when i called my existing provider on 9th October they mentioned there had been no transfer request from bulb. I called up bulb several times after that, atleast 3-4times asking as to why the switch hasn’t happened. Even i provided the pictures of my meters 4-5times. Even till today the switch has not happened. You can track the call log and emails to get the details. Requesting you to please action on this request. It was really dissapointing to see that a switch taking so much time and requiring multiple follow ups from customer side.

Hi @sourav ,

As this is a public forum, it’ll be best to remove your personal details (such as your address) from this post. You can do this by clicking on the ‘cog’ icon on the top right of the post and selecting ‘Edit’.

You’ll be best to contact Bulb directly regarding this connection issue (their email address, live chat and phone number is on ). If you do feel that Bulb’s customer service isn’t responding to you properly (for whatever reason), you can escalate things to a complaint via .

Thanks Richy… :slight_smile: Removed the personal info…