Gas doesn't work

Bulb switch from British Gas on Friday, now I have no gas at home and no support from bulb… What I have to do to use what I paid for?

Hi @Danilo,

Switching suppliers should not lead to any interruption of your supply - it is just really changing who is responsible for collecting your money and distributing it to the various ‘backend providers’ (such as National Grid to ‘transport’ power, power stations, gas supply companies etc).

Have you got a prepaid card/key or are you on a credit account (paying via direct debit)?

I assume all your gas appliances have stopped, you don’t smell gas and you’ve checked the gas supply valve next to your meter hasn’t been turned to off (can be a problem with external meters in some areas where people think it is ‘funny’ to go round turning them off)?

If you are on prepayment, what sort of meter (smart meter, key, card) is it and does it show any error codes? Does it show any balance and have you tried topping it up at all either with your Bulb card/key (if you haven’t received one, your old key/card will still work) - and/or have you tried the emergency credit option detailed on Activating and repaying Emergency Credit on your top up (prepay) meter – Bulb ?

If you still haven’t managed to get the gas working after trying the above, have you tried following the steps in Emergencies and supply outages – Bulb “If none of your gas appliances are working but you don’t smell gas, then you should call National Grid Metering on 0800 001 4340. They’ll walk you through the next steps and arrange for your gas meter to be exchanged.”?