Gas estimates way off still

I have submitted 10 meter readings over the last 6 months, and my gas meter estimates are way off still.

Take the latest. In the period from 9th April to 22nd April, I used 3 gas units. Or ~0.23 per day. Then there was an estimate on 23rd May which was 42 units since 22nd April. That’s ~1.31 per day. A huge 570% of what I was using in the previous period. Also worth noting that my average since start of December was ~1.17 per day, and that was obviously winter where we’ll be using the most.

For reference, I took an actual reading today, the day of the estimate. The estimate is 42, the real is 4.

When will my gas estimates get more accurate?

hi @mattjgalloway - funnily enough the gas industry is undergoing an upgrade on this exact topic as we speak :+1:

This upgrade is called Project Nexus, and as well as sounding like a top secret mission, it will allow energy suppliers to create more accurate estimates. So from now on when you enter in meter readings, our system will learn from them :slight_smile:

We wrote a little blog about it here:

Oh so gas estimates don’t learn! That explains a lot. My electricity ones used to be way off too and I was told to enter frequent readings, and then they did indeed get much better.

I just assumed the gas would get better too, but this explains it!

Thanks for the details. I look forward to them learning better.

I guess in the meantime I’ll just take readings more often specifically for gas, so I don’t get this flip flopping of paying a load and then being credited it back next month.

Exactly right @mattjgalloway! The gas industry has just taken a little bit longer to catch up with electricity but it’s on its way now :slight_smile:

For the time being, just pop them in when we send you the reminder and that should keep your bills looking right.