Gas formula for units to kWh

Has formula changed today? I know gas prices have increased, but I have used many more kWh today than I have ever used.

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There must be some other explanation for increased usage, as the conversion formula from cubic metres to kWh hasn’t changed.

Thank you for your reply. I still don’t understand increased usage as I have turned down thermostat.

Was it just that one day, or are you still seeing higher than expected usage?

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On 1 April usage was 82.4 kWh, yesterday was 71.9, but gas hob was not used yesterday, so it was just heating and hot water.
Daily average for last 30 days is 55.7 kWh.

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I have taken a look at the gas usage over the past few months and everything seems to fall in line.

For example, in Feb you used 213 units of gas, in March it was 150 and in April it was 112, this makes sense as the weather warms up we expect your usage to decrease.

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