Gas insanely expensive

I’ve recently moved house and started using bulb on a prepayment meter. I’m worried that my gas meter is broken causing me to have to top up endlessly. I have just checked my receipts and I have topped up £35 in the last 9 days, and my meter is showing £6 on it. Whenever I top up, I never get the amount of credit I’ve paid for transferred from the card to the meter. I understand that there is a standing charge of 28 pence per day, but if I top up 9 days apart I shouldn’t expect nearly £14 to be removed from my credit! That’s 50 days worth of standing charges! My heating hasn’t been on, in fact, my boiler has been broken and been left off until yesterday, so I’m only using gas for a cooker, which is only used for evening meals etc… My quote(estimate) when I type in my details to bulb on the website is equivalent to £32 a month for both gas and electric. I’m using nearly twice that just in gas apparently! Can bulb look at this for me? Anybody had a similar experience?

I was convinced I had a faulty gas meter so contacted bulb to ask if it could be replaced and the answer was yes, However be aware the meter will be sent away to be tested and if nothings wrong with it you will incur costs. Thankfully I never heard anything again and within one month my gas usage magically reduced approx. 70% so I must of had a duff meter though I believe this is very rare?
If your convinced there is something wrong with your meter then I would give Bulb a call to arrange a replacement before winter kicks in and your usage goes up!

It’s a pity other companies are not more helpful like this these things can happen to anyone trying to get help from some energy companies is hard Bulb sounds good to me!