Gas meater readings its to high

Hello can you check my gas meters because my last reading on 09 october 18 is 00139m3 and today 09 december 18 is 01112m3. My annual estimate usage on last bill is 2108kWh. I think the last gas reading is too big. I will add that at that time we exchanged the boiler for a new one because the old one broke down. please help. Thanks

Hello can you check my gas meters

I’m afraid I can’t check your meters because I am just another Bulb customer like everyone else on here. You’ll need to contact Bulb directly using the contact information available from the “Help” pages linked at the top of the page.

For what it’s worth, I think you’re mixing your units. The annual estimated usage of 2108kWh is very low. Are you sure that isn’t cubic metres? It sounds like you’ve made a mistake on one or more of your meter readings.


Meter = a device for measuring something
Metre = a unit of length
Meater = a person who eats a lot of meat?

We change meters and readings has been 00139 on start with Bulb, now is 1000more this is to much :open_mouth: i call tomorrow to bulb

Be aware that if they come to check your meter and there is nothing wrong with it then you will be charged a fee.