Gas meter blank

Tried to read meter today but display completely blank. It’s a smart meter installed by Scottish Gas. Any suggestions?

Hi @buckstone,

Are you reading the actual meter or the ‘in home display’. Most in home displays stop working once you leave the installing supplier. The actual meter itself may need a button or two pressed to show the display:

It’s the actual meter we have been trying to read. Have done it previously with no issues and have pressed both buttons but display remains blank.

I’d drop Bulb an email at in this case - either we’re both missing something (baring in mind that I’ve never even seen a smart meter :slight_smile: ) which may be useful for others OR your meter is faulty and needs replacing. If you prefer to call them or use live chat, their details are on .

Tried meter again this morning and its definitely dead. Have so far spend 15 mins trying to find Chat option. Already got to where the link you attached takes you to but then end up in a loop of FAQs

@buckstone Can you send us a photo of the meter to and we can then try to see if there is something we can do to help or if not, replace the meter.

Thanks DanP. I got through on the phone and getting a new meter next week.