Gas meter cabinet

I am due to submit my first gas meter reading imminently but, as a new tenant, do not have access to the external gas meter due to a locked cabinet - and I do not have a key. The reading is due on January 4th and a new key is in the post. Is it going to cause an issue if the reading is given late?

Hi @daffo1023, you can submit first meter readings 5 days either side of your switch date. Ideally it wants to be as close as possible to the actual date, but a day or two over should not be a problem.

Hi @daffo1023 - that’s right, if you can give us a reading as soon as possible we can add it in for you. If we don’t get a reading, what happens is we are sent an estimated reading based on the historical readings your previous supplier had.

Once you get your readings, if they look pretty different from your estimates, then let us know and we can check it out for you :slight_smile: