Gas meter display not working


The display on my gas meter is blank. The gas supply is working fine but I can’t get any readings off it. I have held the red button down as instructed on the meter to illuminate the display.

This was installed by our previous supplier and is not a smart meter.

Any ideas as to why this is. How it can be resolved?


Hope you don’t mind me asking have you read any threads on this topic in the last two days?

On the topic yes. Although I haven’t found an answer to my specific question

On the topic yes. Although I haven't found an answer to my specific question

Thanks, is it a pre-payment meter? Bulb has this article which also says to press the red button:

Ah, thanks. It isn’t a pre payment meter although it probably works in a similar way to the one described in that article.

Hi @JC36

The meter’s display should fire up when the display button is pressed. If you’re not able to take any readings from your meter, then it sounds like your meter is faulty.

If you send us an email showing the meter with a quick comment to explain the problem you’re experiencing, we will be able to advise on the next steps in replacing your meter.