Gas meter faulty? Barely moved over months.

My gas meter has been going up incredibly slowly. I’ve submitted meter reading since joining bulb (yes I’m not great at doing it regularly) but my gas meter has bee creeping up… by next to nothing (0.01m³).

I’d only noticed when I submitted a reading recently.

I understand that the meter is the responsibility of the supplier…

What do I do?

What do I do?
I`ll swap it for mine :-) Seriously though give Bulb a call and discuss with them.

@Nathan_of_York Hey, thanks for getting in touch about this. I can see that your gas usage is very low, but from the reading, you gave last night it does appear to be moving. Previously we had 1,021 m3 and now we had 1,201 m3. Maybe it was just a coincidence that the numbers were very similar?

If it has indeed stuck at 1,021 m3 I’d recommend taking a photograph, and emailing it to with a suggestion of a midweek morning (8am - noon) or afternoon (noon-4pm) slot for sometime after 12th June, and we can get someone out to your property to exchange it.

@scudo Hahah, we all dream of 0.01m3 consumption, but alas…