Gas meter has stopped sending readings

My gas meter was moved outside and since then gas readings have stopped being sent and I have had estimated readings.
It is also not registering on the IHD either.
Please advise, thanks

Hi @michknight

Welcome to community and thanks for your post :wave:

I just like a little more information about your gas meter move please.

What is the new distance between the gas and electricity meter?
How far was it moved from it’s original position ?

My current thoughts are that the move will have disrupted the gas meters connection with the communications hub, which sits on top of the electricity meter


It has moved about 2.5 meters but from internal to an external box.

Hi @michknight,

Okay, so roughly what is the distance between your gas and electricity meter now?

Also are there any thick walls between the two meters as this can weaken the connection.

–KT :bulb: