Gas meter is in kWh not m3

Hi. My gas meter is giving readings in kWh and bulb require them in m3. The readings I give them are always rejected because they are way higher than expected so they then use estimates. I want to know how to convert the gas to m3. Ive sent photos but nothing has been used.

Without knowing the calorific value in your area I can’t give you an accurate answer.

Also, even with estimates the conversion factor is on your bill but basically.

To get from m3 to kWh

  • m3 x volume correction
  • multiply this by calorific value
  • divide by 3.6

Bulb just needs the numbers from your meter; you don’t have to do any conversions. I’d contact them to sort it out - not via email as they seem to be ignoring those.

You must be looking at your In Home Display and not the actual meter. You need to give Bulb the number directly from the meter, which will be in m3.

No it’s on the outside meter. It’s in kWh

As far as I’m aware no gas meter reads directly in kWh. A photo might help to see where the confusion is arising.

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Further to this, it can’t possibly be reading in KWh as calorific value can vary on a daily basis. Meaning differing days differing amounts of gas are needed to produce the same energy

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