Gas meter isnt showing on app or account

I had gas and electric smart meters (prepayment) installed a few weeks ago and everything was ok

Over the weekend however, the gas meter no longer shows in either my account or app although it is showing on the IHD

Can anyone please help?

Hi @lannyloo63

Thank you for posting and welcome to community.

I can see that your gas has been updated correctly on your app.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

–Suki :hibiscus:

What about everyone else’s usage graph that is incorrect or missing?

Personally, and like tens of thousands of your other customers I’m trying to budget my energy usage, so having no gas usage displayed on the IHD and complete guess work on the app and website for the past month really isn’t helping.

One more thing… before you suggest the 24 hour restart, holding the power button on for 30 seconds or requesting a reboot they’ve all been tried several times with no success so it’s your app, website and IHD software that’s at fault.

So, If your 1/4 of a million £ a year CEO really wants to help then help, NOW!!!

It was sorted eventually- today it was the turn of the electricity meter to vanish.

Not happy but managed to get someone on chat