Gas meter needed

Hi all,
I’m looking to get gas central heating put in but, as yet, only have electricity in my house. I have a yellow gas pipe going into my meter cupboard from the outside of the house and some form of ‘plumbing’ inside this cupboard, but no actual gas meter. Does anyone know anything about getting a gas meter fitted please?

Hi @LittlePinkPerson ,

To get a whole new gas meter installed, we would recommend using one of the Big 6 suppliers.

They have greater resource and experience in installing and registering new meters and may be able to arrange this for you without charge.

Once complete, you will be able to switch to Bulb if you’re still looking to switch.

Thanks Rob, I’m with Bulb for my electricity and so have raised a query with them. Might be better then to call one of the Big 6 - thank you.