Gas Meter Noise!!!

Hi … We have a real problem with an ongoing bellows noise from our gas meter, it’s driving us insane as the meter is on the outside wall behind our headboard. Keeps us awake at night! … Is it possible to solve this at all??

Would also like to change to a smart meter please? … Thanks Paul Wood

Hi @paultec1_, it sounds like your meter really might be on the way out!

Bulb should be able to send someone out to fix this for you, best to give them a ring (0300 30 30 635) to arrange this.

Regarding smart meters, they’re not yet available from Bulb (they’re waiting to roll out the 2nd gen ones), but will be be from the middle of this year. There are a few other threads on the forums about the trial if you wish to be on that to get one sooner.

Hi @paultec1_

Just give us a call so we can discuss this in person. Number above ^^^