Gas Meter not communicating with smart meter

I am raising a new topic for something I have raised before, in the hope that one of the Bulb moderators will pick it up. In January 2021, my boiler maintenance guy told me my gas meter was not recording usage, and I could see from the dashboard that I was only being charged the standing charge. I reported to Bulb and they tried re-booting the hub but to no avail. They then said they couldn’t fix the gas meter itself because they were waiting for a legal ruling from Ofgem to decide if it was their responsibility in these cases (or, I presume, Cadent, who supply the gas). Nothing moved for months, during which time I was not recording (or paying for) gas. I then moved out of the property for 7 months while I had renovations done. During that time I had to have my electricity supply upgraded and an engineer came and ‘swapped the meter tails’ (whatever that means), and I was hoping maybe that might kick-start things, but I returned to the property in December 2021 and it is still not recording gas. I have tried contacting the Bulb people who were involved originally but to no avail. I contacted Cadent who said it wasn’t their problem to fix but said they would contact Bulb. That was 2 weeks ago and still nothing. My next step will be to go to Ofgem I suppose. My concern is that Bulb will expect me to cough up for a year’s worth of gas when the problem is finally fixed, when I have done everything I can to get the problem sorted.

Hi @PhillyV :wave:

Sorry to hear about the issues you have had with your gas meter. It sounds like you’ve done everything you can to get the issue resolved from your end, so apologies that we haven’t managed to get this sorted for you yet.

I can see that the gas meter is sending us the same reading each month and since your contact with us earlier last year, we are now able to replace these faulty smart meters. So I should be able to get this meter exchanged for you so that we can bill you for your usage.

Can I just check if the reading on the meter itself is increasing, or is it also showing the same reading as the one that the meter is remotely sending over to us?

-Luke :bulb:

I can’t get a reading from the meter Luke, the display is blank.

Hi @PhillyV

Okay I see, we would need a video of the meter showing that it doesn’t respond to it’s buttons being pressed. Could you please send one over to From there we can pass it over to our metering team to review, and then can look at the next steps for getting it replaced.

Ele :sunny:

Can you advise which button to press? On the meter at my previous house (built 1991) there were no buttons, the display was constant. The one here (built 1958) seems to be much older and has an A and B button.

Apologies, I’ve never had to read the meter here. I had a smart meter at my previous house (also with Bulb) and when I moved here I immediately had one fitted so I’ve never had to read it. As I mentioned before, it was the gas boiler engineer who said the meter wasn’t recording usage in January 2021.

I had exactly the same problem I had electricity and gas smart meter fitted at the same time the gas meter never communicated with the electricity meter and went blank after 3 months I was without gas readings for over 8 months. It wasn’t resolved until I complained to ofgem and then sorted within the month

Hi I have worked out how to read the meter and the reading is 801. I have a picture but it wouldn’t let me embed it in this post so please let me know how to send it to you, if you need it.



Hi @PhillyV :wave:

I’ll send you an email now and to get all the information needed before speaking to the metering team.

– Meg :bulb: