Gas meter not reading

Hi My gas meter is not showing anything on the display when I press the buttons for a reading. I am unable to submit any readings.
I’ve tried contacting bulb through my app but without success.
Who do I contact to have the meter fixed?
Thank you.

Hi @Lulakat7,

I’m going to pop you an email now so we can look into getting this sorted.


Did they sort it? Still not sorted mine and i reported it on 8th February! The lies and excuses are disgusting!

Hi @Suesparkle

I can see my colleague emailed you in Feb- at this time we couldn’t replace your type of meter issue. We can now do that and I can see you followed up yesterday about it. I’ve sent you an email in response to get the information we need about your meter so we can look into sorting it for you :slight_smile:

– H :bulb: