Gas meter not working

Our gas meter does not seem to be working. Please advise whether I would need to pay for replacement or repair.

Hi @Anu,

Could you clarify as to ‘how it is not working’? First of all, if you smell gas and you shouldn’t, turn off the gas at the mains and get out and stay out then call the National Gas Service Emergency Line on 0800 111 999 - do not use electricity appliances in the home

Are you getting no gas at all? If so, make sure the gas valve/handle hasn’t been set to off (it’s by your meter and if you have an external box - which all use the same ‘key’ a ‘scamp’ may have opened your box and turned off your gas ‘as a prank’).? If so, it’ll be best to either contact Bulb directly on 0300 30 30 635 or call National Grid Metering on 0800 001 4340. They’ll walk you through the next steps and arrange for your gas meter to be exchanged.

If it’s just the display on the actual meter not working, but you still have working gas, it’ll still be worth giving Bulb a quick call.

If your ‘in home display’ for your smart meter isn’t working, then it’s probably been disabled by your old supplier (as ‘SMETS1 smart meters’ tend to be ‘locked’ to the installer). You’ll have to wait for the new SMETS2 meters (being rolled out by Bulb and other suppliers starting very shortly) before it functions again.

If your meter is broken/non-functional, it will be replaced free of charge by Bulb (or your local distribution company).