Gas meter reading


Ive tried inputting my gas meter readings for afew weeks but they never seem to go through. My electric readings are fine but never the gas. Any reason why?


Hi, I’m having the same problem. My last gas meter reading therefore shows on my account as an estimate even though I did provide a reading.

Any ideas Bulb?


Possibly because your final/start readings have not yet been verified for gas, it is done by a 3rd party and can take up to 6 weeks.

I’ve just posted the same issue and I transferred over to bulb about 8 months ago…

I’m also having the same problem and my reading is actually a lot lower than my estimate!

I have just joined.I submitted my meter readings in Dec but my initial gas meter reading is showing as an estimate on my Bulb account.This resulted in my former supplier having to give me a rebate as the initial read was far less than the read they had taken from my smart meter.When I submitted my gas meter reading on Sunday , I got an automatic message saying that it was higher than expected.Now on my bill from Bulb, the gas meter reading is showing as an estimate is and the same as my initial reading, suggesting I’d used no gas.Is this typical of Bulb?I’ve never had this experience when switching between suppliers in the past?

Hi @tom123

Every meter read that failed was because it was the same as the previous one, in that case, the read fails as we would need to check if the meter reader is broken.

@GraceUnderFire We needed to manually change something in your account as some information didn’t come through as it should. We fixed it now and your read on the 22nd is in your account.

@gillpass I’ve replied in that thread

@Emah I think there could be a mix up with your meters, the readings are 35000 units apart, so could you send a photo to and we can check the correct meter has switched over.

@Ali444 There was a estimated annual usage sent to us from your prev supplier of just 1 kWh, I’ve now rectified this for you. Added the read and will send you the bill through as soon as possible.

Same issue here,my electricity readings are showing on my usage page but there are no gas values even although I’ve submitted them twice. So are bulb waiting for a 3rd party to read these? Strange as no third party has read my electricity meter but those readings are showing?

My January gas reading disappeared at some point in the past few weeks, even though it was there before and even used in my January statement.

My last gas reading (31 Dec) has disappeared as well.

I find it worrying that Bulb’s system is still persistently failing to cope with what would appear to be basic areas of operation. As a customer I would like you to have technology that works (and have no interest whatsoever in the gender of the people who make that happen).

I’ve had the same issues, for the last 6 weeks, I’ve submitted the meter readings and they seem to just fall off! I ended up having to chat message to get it added on 5th Jan, and looking at my account they have also dropped off, even though those figures were on my January statement! Think there must be a big glitch in the bulb website as I’ve had loads of readings that have just dropped off.

My gas readings have now magically appeared again.

Interesting. Mine are still AWOL.

Now they’ve gone again lol…obviously bulb are making changes.

Hi, Im having a problem -
I switched to Bulb last month (Dec 22) and gave you both readings for Gas and Electric. Ive just paid my 2nd payment to bulb and checked the billing summary to find that the bill i just paid was based on a actual reading i gave on 22 Dec for my Electric but an estimate for my Gas. Ive checked my Gas meter today and found that your estimate for my Gas is much higher than what the actual reading is - resulting in my bill being £20 more expensive than what i was quoted when i signed up. I have in the past month sent off 3 meter readings for the gas since i signed up and none have been accepted. I need help please or i will be considering cancelling my account under “false advertisement”.


Stuart, I suspect the issue here is that your Gas readings have to be verified by a 3rd party between Bulb & old supplier (nothing to do with Bulb, its government imposed) until that reading is verified estimates have to used. Once the readings have been verified then any anomalies can be sorted out.
It can take approx 6 weeks to get verification for the readings to come through.

@Tony_67 @xxx @katherine244 @Missmayzee

Thanks everyone for alerting us to this problem. We did receive quite a few calls about gas reads disappearing, and it’s something we’ve had to investigate. To explain, the reads get submitted and are validated on our side and used for your bill, but then a few days later can disappear, because the industry validation process they go through has rejected them. This rejection can sometimes catch big errors on bills for us, so can be useful, but other times means that correct reads get removed when they shouldn’t be. We have since solved the issue and stopped these unhelpful rejections from happening. So now only the readings that genuinely should be rejected will be rejected. Valid reads won’t be removed and won’t, therefore, disappear from your MyBulb. Please let us know if you think valid readings are still being rejected.

I hope this helps - let me know if you still have any questions.

We’re also working on providing better communication when readings are and are not used. You can join this conversation here if you’d like to.

@stuart1988 - Thanks for being in touch about this issue. I can see we’ve been in touch over email. Let me know if we can help any more.