Gas meter reading

I have read the gas meter and the numbers are 0028 but when i enter them
i am told that the numbers are less than the previous reading which started
with 99

Hi @bill1943, was your previous reading 5 or 6 digits starting with 99? If so, your meter may has probably rolled over.

You’d be best off giving Bulb a ring to sort this out if that’s the case.

My previous supplier gave an estimated reading for gas (not sure why as I gave them an actual reading) which is higher than the actual reading. Now I can’t input the real reading as it says it’s lower than the previous reading. Help please!

@bill1943 it looks like this has been sorted. Our system got confused about the meter rolling over, as @mowcius guessed.

@JulesH looks like @“Oliver at Bulb” helped you over Chat about this. Nice.