GAS meter reading

Been estimated and charged way over what has been used, I submitted a reading on the 28th with a photo and yet nothing has be done.

Is this a common problem with bulb?

It does seem to be a common problem that the expected values are very different from the actual values for whatever reason, and this results in the actual readings being rejected. As I understand it, the point of asking for a photo is to see the actual reading and fix the problem meaning that this should only ever happen once. It doesn’t always seem to get fixed though.

One important question - what date is your bill produced? Remember you have only a 2 day window to submit actual readings, or an estimate will be used on the bill date (not to be confused with the direct debit date). You should receive an email reminder when the window is “open” for meter readings just before your bill date.

Bulb are on skeleton staff over the holiday period, and since this is not in any way an emergency it will not be handled until they reopen. I’d suggest sending an email directly to Bulb explaining the issue, and attach the photos again. Also give any other meter readings you have and the dates. The contact details are available via the help section.

Bear in mind that although you’ve been “overcharged”, it’s only a deduction from your Bulb account. It’ll all sort itself out once the correct meter readings are applied. If you direct debit has been increased due to this, you can always log in to your account and change it. You’ll need to use the website not the app.