Gas meter reading

Hi there, I’m currently switching gas & electricity to Bulb and need to give a meter reading. Electricity is fine and been submitted however the screen on my gas meter is blank. EDF did fit a smart meter but they never got it working and told me to stick it in a drawer till I heard from them and I never did so unsure how to get a gas meter reading done

Hi @Elainemac15 ,

It’s best to read the actual physical meter instead of any ‘In Home Display’ (IHD) you may have (even if it’s working). If you are unsure how to get the physical meter to display the readings (or how to read them), then How to read your meter – Bulb might help.

The outside meter doesn’t have anything on the display, it’s blank

Has it got any buttons on it (as detailed in the help article linked under the section ‘smart meters’ How to read your meter – Bulb )?