Gas meter readings look odd

Hi, I have been monitoring my gas meter readings every few days over the past week or so. We have had the heating going off and on consistently using Hive but we have mainly been out at work and only doing minimal cooking in the evenings on the hob. For most days the readings we averaging about 1.8 usage per day but the past 3 days it has almost doubled to 3.33 even though we were using less gas for cooking and heating water and the outside temperature was milder. I am wondering if there is a fault with the meter. Has anyone else has similar problems with meters? Who do we contact to sort out a faulty meter?

Hi @Tracy_bishop1.

Hmmm. If you are using less gas then the meter readings should not be increasing.

Meters can very rarely start recording usage inaccurately (93% of meters submitted for accuracy testing are found to be operating within statutory limits).

Bulb can send somebody to fit a “Check meter” for you - a calibrated meter which is known to be running correctly. This meter is removed 10 or so working days later, and the consumption is compared to that of your meter.

The cost of this work would be £120 which is debited from your Bulb. However, if your meter is found to be running outside of statutory limits (+2.5% and -3.5% for electricity and ±3% for gas), the cost of this job and the subsequent meter exchange is covered by Bulb.

If you’d like to get your meter tested, you can drop us an email on or call us on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm) :slight_smile: