Gas meter readings not registering

I been trying to submit gas mater readings on the apo since aug 18 and everytime it says… This is more than we was expecting. I click submit anyway return in a few days and still the reading hasnt registered. I’ve tried this numerous times now and now concerned as my bills are inaccurate without correct meter readings.

Hi @LADY_bee ,

Sorry your post has been missed until now - this community forum can get busy sometimes.

If you meter readings don’t seem to be being accepted even after waiting a day or so (Bulb sends readings off to an independent third party for ‘verification’ who then say ‘yes or no’ and this is where the delays and problems starting), then I would drop Bulb an email ( - see ) with details. They might ask you to send photos of the meter so they can send them off to the third party to update their systems so new readings are accepted.

Hi, @LADY_bee I have had a look on your account and have identified the issue, it looks like we started your account on an estimate, which was lower than the actual reading. I have now done what is known as a dispute read, which will change the first reading, and allow you to submit readings. This process should be complete in around 2 weeks