Gas meter readings not showing up

Hi. I’ve just switched successfully to bulb. I have entered my meter readings twice. Both times the electricity meter reading shows up, but the gas meter reading does not appear on my listing (even though the website said it had been accepted). Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug?
Thank you. Mike

Hi Mike,

It looks like it took longer than normal for the energy industry to send us your meter technical details, which meant we couldn’t validate your opening reading before the industry created an estimate for you and sent it through to your old supplier. Normally when this happens we’d dispute it, but since you’re only 14 units out every other supplier would tell us to stop wasting their time if we tried.

What I’ve done instead is added the reading manually to our system, but not disputing it. This way you won’t end up paying twice for the same unit.

All the best,


have the same problem. I can see the electricity meter reading, but no gas one :frowning:


Hey there @sohappy, thanks for notifying us about your problem. We’re currently waiting for gas meter details to come through and once they do the readings will show up on your account. As your gas transporter is an independent company, the meter information process is a bit different and can take longer than normal. If the problem persists just send us an email (or comment back here) and we’ll help you out.

Thanks for the info, but what now? Should I send you new readings? My change from old supplier to bulb is planned for the 6 Jan 2017, will the fact that the process is a bit different affect it somehow? And the readings send already on 1st Jan 2017 - you got them? Ye I do panic a little, but would like to know that all is under your control.

@sohappy you don’t have to worry about a thing. We have received the readings and we’ll keep an eye on the account for you to see when they’re properly processed through. We’ll be regularly checking to see if everything’s going smoothly and if anything does go wrong we will be able to sort everything out :slight_smile:

Uff great thank you :slight_smile: Really happy to be with you! Hope it will be a great green energy friendship!


I’m also not seeing gas readings that I’ve entered - even though I’ve been a Bulb customer for 4 months now. The gas estimates that I’ve been given are very low compared to actual usage so I’m a bit concerned that my bills are out.


Hey @lol, sorry to hear that your gas estimates have been low! As they were quite low it meant that your recent readings were seen as high and were flagged to us. I’ve amended it now so your readings have been put in, you’ll see them in your MyBulb now.

We’ve just sent you a new revised bill reflecting your energy usage based on your readings. As new readings come in our system will get better at estimating usage. If you’re ever unsure that a reading you’ve submitted hasn’t been inputted just give us a message or a call and we’ll help you out.

Thanks @sj_han . We had a gas fire installed in January which is probably why the recent readings appeared too high.

I am having the same problem, just showing electricity reading. I got sent a bill from my current gas supplier (Scottish Gas) and it was waaaay out from their estimate and charged me more than double my usage. Thought bulb would sort all this out for me.