Gas meter readings

Hi, I have taken 3 gas readings over the last 5 days. As my estimate was over last time, the readings are lower than the previous estimate reading. None of the 3 readings I have taken are showing on my usage. My gas use over summer is drastically less than in winter due to solar panels for hot water. How do I get the meter readings taken accepted.

Hi @mates your latest gas read from the 31st is now showing in your account correctly :slight_smile:

Hi @mattg , I have had the same problem. On Thursday of last week I submitted a gas meter reading along with the electricity, and only the electricity reading is showing as an actual rather than estimate. Can I just check if this is a processing delay before I start submitting more readings? Thanks!

Hi @davidsweeney - we do have your meter reading and this will be used for your next statement :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same issue, entered both Electricity & Gas readings on the 7th May & only the electricity shows on line so had to enter gas again on the 15th when I received a reminder for the Gas (I done another Electric whilst at it). Now today I have entered the Electricity first & then Gas readings, again both were accepted but only the Electric reading shows up on my account. I expect maybe that there is an issue when Electric is entered first, but when Gas is entered first there is no issue. Just a hunch at the moment I’ll test again tomorrow.
Anyone else having the same issue?

@carl_loves_bulb Yes - I’ve submitted two gas readings in the past week and neither has appeared, but the electricity one did immediately.

wont accept 4 digits for gas reading

Hi @glenton , I can enter that for you, what is the reading? We’ll work to ensure that the problem is sorted ASAP.

@carl_loves_bulb Because of Project Nexus (a modernisation of gas industry) gas readings are taking a few days to appear on accounts. This is because they have to be validated, but Nexus is meaning a delay on this. We have the readings in our system and they will appear once Nexus is completed. :slight_smile:

I’ve been asked to submit my opening gas meter readings. I have 6 digits in this reading (excluding the red numbers) but the page where I have to enter the reading only has room for 5 digits.
What do I do?

Hey @gary795 thanks for letting us know. That sounds odd. Could you send a clear picture of your gas meter over to ? Then we can have a proper look at what’s going on here.

@anthony796 The gas readings appeared last night, unfortunately the usage graph does not seem to have taken too kindly to them :slight_smile: It’s reporting over £9,000 of gas in May and over £19,000 so far in June!

@teadriven I have reported this to our tech team, we’ll get this sorted as soon as possible.

Thanks @anthony796, I actually reported it via the chat help this morning too :slight_smile: