Gas meter readings

Having submitted both electricity and gas meter readings and received e-mail confirmation that both had been received why is it that the new electricity readings show up immediately on my record (e.g. on the energy usage page and as the last readings on “submit readings” entry screen) but the gas readings do not?


Hi @PaulSt,

They can take a few hours to show up sometimes - Bulb has to send (all?) meter readings to a third party verification company before they can be accepted (same with all suppliers). However, sometimes the verification company rejects readings for being out of range of their estimates but fail to let Bulb know why they’ve rejected them. It’ll probably be best to drop Bulb an email via (or catch them on live chat) and they’ll be able to look into things - it could just be a transcribing error on previous readings has thrown things out, you’ve made economy savings at home which has reduced your bill lower than the company estimates they should be for this time of year, or Bulb could have the wrong meter serial number which is failing verification (or it could be something else).