Gas Meter Relocation - Cost and Limitations


I would like to move my internally located gas meter within one metre of the current location. Ideally the new location would be on the opposite side of an internal wall (still located inside the house), which I am more than happy to cut a hole into in advance of a contractor arriving to complete the meter relocation - would this be acceptable?

The current meter has a lead joint between the meter and the steel incoming pipework, would this be replaced as part of the meter relocation?

Please advise on the cost of this work, the contractor used and the timescales involved.

Many thanks.

All meter locations are the responsibility of the gas transporter ie Cadent (used to be national grid) they will move meter but may not connect existing outlet pipe to meter as they are not responsible for internal gas pipe work. After a survey they will give you a price. Normally around £750

Hi @ladearden as @mrzanussi says the distributor for your area (you can find out who they are here) will almost certainly have to get involved in this sort of job, since they’re the ones who have responsibility for moving pipes and so on before they get to the meter. Once they’ve moved the pipes, we can send our guys out afterwards to move the actual meter itself. If you give your distributor a ring and explain the situation and they tell you that we can do the whole job, then let us know and we can book that in for you. Our contractors are national grid metering for gas meters, and the job (our bit) will cost £185.21 in either situation.