Gas meter removal

I no longer use gas as I’ve moved to a heat pump, so I’d like the supply capped & meter removed (and no more standing charge). One Bulb advisor told me to call National Grid, but this is confusing as they seem to cover electricity, not gas. All other energy providers say to contact themselves to remove a gas meter (often done for free). Any advice on who I should call? I could just move to Octopus and have it done for free!

Hi @kyle1 :wave:

Apologies for the misinformation it sounds like you’ve had. As your gas meter is a smart meter, we can book a job with Siemens to remove it. The cost of this job would be £120. I appreciate that this cost is more than some other suppliers may charge, so if you did want to switch to a new supplier that would be able to do that for free, that would be understandable.

If you wanted to go ahead with the job, please get in touch with us so we can arrange that for you :slightly_smiling_face:

-Luke :bulb:

Thanks Luke, I’ll open another ticket referencing this thread!

Hi luke, we are having a similar problem, bulb want to charge us £ 430 for the removal of the gas meter. How can that be possible? We are not getting any answers. Thank you sabine

Hi @Sabine :wave: Welcome to Community,

I have taken a look at your account and it looks like you have an old version of smart meters. We get charged to remove these meters if they are not faulty and so we have to pass these costs onto our members.

I am double-checking your exact smart meter type with our metering team as we may be able to do something in your case but I cannot make any guarantees. I am sending you an email, please reply back with the photos I have asked for. Our metering team will then review your case and be in touch with you directly.

– KT :bulb:

I started the process at the end of March of trying to get my old gas meter permanently removed. I have submitted a series of photos of the meter and answered all the questions about the property and access etc. that were emailed back to me. The meter is capped and ready to be taken out. I followed up with a phone call and email in April, but have heard nothing back. Can you give me an estimated month/date? I need to get rid of the standing charge so that the money can be put towards paying the electricity bill instead. The flat is 100% electric. Thank you for your attention.