Gas meter screen is blank

I just went to read the gas meter to submit a reading and found that the screen was blank. Who do I report this to in order to get it fixed. I have the wireless unit in the house which showed me the reading so I entered that.

@David22 Have you been able to take a reading from this meter before? Is this the first time the screen has gone blank?

Don’t you have to press a button or something?

@HenryF Yes I have taken readings in the past and this is the first time the screen has gone blank.
@Somerset_Ben I haven’t had to press anything in the past.

The screen goes blank to conserve battery power. You press button A to wake it up and dsiplay the meter index. But you might as well just continue getting the reading off the IHD.

@christos_1 Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: