Gas meter type / is a sloped lids or not?

Hi all,

I am trying to book an engineer for a smart reader but I am not sure how to answer one of the questions.

‘’ Is your gas meter in a box with a sloped lid?

  1. Yes, my gas meter is in a box with a sloped lid

  2. No, my gas meter is inside or in a box that doesn’t have a sloped lid ‘’

This is what I do have at my property. Can anyone help me?

No, that box does not have a sloped lid. That’s a regular surface-mounted meter box with an upright door panel on the front. See here for more on what Bulb are worried about:

And a bunch of images of semi-concealed meter boxes with sloped lids here (with a few other images thrown in):

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Thank you.

I said no and and engineer has booked in 2 weeks time.

Hi @Liviu,

Welcome to Bulb community! :wave:

I can confirm that isn’t a semi-concealed gas meter as it’s not in a box on the ground.

Thanks for raising this for people (and us) to check.

Do let us know how your smart meter installation goes :relaxed: