Gas meter

How do I find out the cost of moving my gas meter from my hallway onto the outside wall ? The gas pipe is outside the front door where I want the meter located
Thanks in advance

Hi @Gezza,

Since it’s through a wall, you’ll need to get Bulb and your local distribution network operator involved (the DNO is to move the pipes and Bulb to move the meter). If you look at Getting your meter moved – Bulb , it’ll provide Bulb’s pricing (£185.21 for gas) and links on how you can find out who your DNO is and then ask them what they’ll charge for the pipe work move.

[ You can find out your gas DNO via Find My Supplier - it’ll provide something like ‘Gas Transporter: …’, but you can find a map with their locations on along with links to their websites ]

Hi Richy, thanks very much