Gas Meter

My gas meter isn’t working, there is no power to it, so I’m unable to top up. I phoned Friday and spoke to someone who gave me the number for the National Grid. Now when I phoned them they told me that they only cap the gas meter if there is a leak, and it’s the supplier responsible for the meter. This is extremely unacceptable to be past from to pillar to post, especially since there is no one to speak to at bulb on the weekend!!! Just hope I don’t run out of gas with my 9 year old daughter being at home also!!!

Hi @Corinaw82 ,

I’m sorry that this happened. I can see that we did book an emergency job in response to this and had an engineer replace the meter within 3 hours of the call.

Unfortunately when you still have credit, and therefore power on coming from the meter we cannot book in the emergency exchange like this which is why we initially gave you the number for Cadent for the weekend incase you did go off supply.

It does sound silly and it is frustrating but these are the rules engineers have as they have to prioritise emergency jobs. We will always endeavour to get an engineer out to you within 3 hours if you go off supply.