Gas metre in debt no gas

Ive had no gas for the past 8months! I have only just recieved my gas card and my meter is in £159 in debt! I have two babies with astma ive been having to stay at friends house over christmas as its been to cold to stay in my property! Im very annoyed as ive tried to get in touch in the past but had no reply

I’m just another customer and have sympathy with your situation especially with the asthma condition of the two babies. I would suggest you contact Bulb by chat first thing tomorrow, according to their site on Fri 27 Dec: only email and chat is available to contact them but not telephone.

Have Bulb been your supplier for the last months as it seems strange that you haven’t had gas for this length of time? I’m assuming the debt of £159 is in part due to the standing charges regardless of whether you have used gas.

It sounds like there’s rather more detail to this situation.

Why have you had no gas for 8 months?
Why have you only “just” received your gas card? Have you been expecting one for 8 months?
You must surely have phoned your energy supplier at least once over the last 8 months, what have they said?