Gas price - 33% hike!!

Gas price just about to shoot from 2.9p to 3.9p - a 33% hike.

This blows savings from switching and is now more expensive than rivals only 1 month after joining.

Disappointed at the size of this jump.

Hi @gulf - thanks for getting in touch. We appreciate that the price rise is higher than we’d ever want to be putting it, but this is due to extreme gas shortages in the UK. We’ve touched on it in our blog recently to keep our members as informed as possible and here is the price of natural gas over the year:

The price has risen substantially due to these shortages as the graphs show, and we weren’t able to keep our prices as they were. We gave twice the OFGEM recommended notice so that all our members could think everything over and research if Bulb are still the right supplier for them.