Gas reading and bills


I switched over to Bulb on the 11 Jul, and have submitted a meter reading every month since, but haven’t yet received a bill/statement, and no gas readings are showing at all on my energy usage…

By the look of others comments, they are getting a bill every month, and gas readings are showing up after a few days?

Thanks for flagging this with us, @james6329.

You’re absolutely right that you should have had a statement from us before now, and you should be getting one every month. The reason you haven’t had one, and you couldn’t see your readings, was because a piece of technical information about your historical meter usage didn’t enter our system properly.

We’ve now sorted the issue, and you should have your July-August in your email inbox in the next few minutes. You’re due another statement on 10th September. Please give us a shout if this doesn’t arrive.

Thanks again!