Gas reading not recording?

Hi submitted electric meter reading then gas reading. Electric is showing as last reading (today’s date)… But gas shows last reading estimate in September. Submitted gas reading again, but still not showing???

Hi @Steveb1973 , thanks for catching this for us. It looks like we got in your first reading but your previous supplier sent through an estimate that they thought was more in line with your usage. It looks to be quite accurate.

As for your second reading, we got that in, but it’s that awkward time of year where we get in some new data about seasonal adjustments. It can take some time for that data to populate our system, but I’ve manually entered it in myself and have pushed through your reading which should now be visible in your MyBulb account. Everything should run smoothly from here on out.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you very much… I have just had my 4 day weekend… back to work at 6am tomorrow for me!! So you have the good weekend…

Very impressed with this community and the speed you sorted my issue!

@Steveb1973 6 am on a Saturday?! That’s rough mate. We’re off to grab a couple beers and enjoy the weekend. Happy to hear you’ve been enjoying your time with Bulb :smile:

@steven1973- glad we could help :+1: Hope you had a good time off! Hopefully, the next shift will fly by.