Gas reading option disappeared

Why has my option to submit a gas reading disappeared? Gives option to enter electricity only. Also why is my bill £335 a month ( I submit regular meter readings) when last year at this time of year I paid £150 a month when I had a hot tub switched on. My account is in credit.

Hi @Dave1 :wave:

The option was removed from the account as we have recently connected to your smart gas meter and are now receiving readings remotely from it. The option is removed in these cases in order to avoid confusion, and have the readings come through from one source. If you did want to add a reading manually (today for example), you can get in touch with us over the phone, via email, or on social media and we can get that added for you.

We have increased your payments to £335 from April onwards due to the price increase coming on the 1st. With your current usage, we have needed to increase the payments, so that your future usage will also be covered, and your account stays in credit. We have had a few price increases since this time last year, which is likely why your bills and payment are higher now then they were previously, despite potentially lower usage.

-Luke :bulb:

I don’t have a smart meter.

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Hi @Dave1,

So you do actually in fact have a smart meter. You have the first generation of smart meters, yours were installed by another supplier as Bulb never fitted these types of meters.

When your property was switched away from the supplier that installed the smart meters they lost their smart functionality, meaning readings were not sent to us automatically. We have been working on getting your smart meters connected to the smart network which we have now managed to do for the gas but not the electricity.

Your gas meter will now send us automatic readings and so you only need to submit manual electricity readings for now.

– KT :bulb:

So the meter is within the system as I don’t have a smart meter as I binned it many years ago when I moved over to bulb.

Binned? Do you mean the in-house display?

Once you’ve got a smart meter you can’t replace it with an old-type meter. Any replacement would always be one smart meter for another.

Yeah the in house display from Scottish power didn’t work once I changed to bulb.

So, you do have a smart meter, as Bulb said above. I think you’re confusing the display unit with the actual meter that sends in your useage figures to Bulb.