Gas reading problem thread...yet again

I’ve just logged on to my bulb and see that my December gas readings are not there. The bill My Bulb sent to me seemed to be based on estimates. Couple of questions for admins if possible. Is this problem fixed because I dont want a massive bill in a few months time!!! If my bills been overestimated will I get a partial refund? I’ve been with bulb for 4 months so it should not be anything on my side…please help!

This happened to me also. Bulb removed two of my gas readings taken at the end of December and January so the bill issued in February has used an inaccurate estimated gas reading rather than the one i supplied in January. Also, because they removed the gas reading taken in December, they cancelled my January bill and credited the amount back to my account meaning that period is now added again to the February bill meaning it covers from the end of November to the end of January (2 months).
There were some threads on here yesterday regarding this missing gas readings issue. Bulb have stated that they have made a tweak to their system so that gas readings will not get removed due to failing the external ‘validation’ tests.

This has happened to me, I just logged in to see my usage and no gas meter read! Really odd, I hope this doesn’t get us into trouble.

Hi @brumbloke - I can see my colleague Geraldine has been in touch over email. All seems to be well with your account. Providing regular meter readings is the best way to ensure your bills are accurate. So great job! But don’t worry if you miss one now and then - we can use an estimate and your bills will catch up with your usage when you next submit a reading. Let me know if you still have questions.

@Liv13 - welcome to Bulb :slight_smile: My colleague is going to send an email now - our system rejected your gas reading because it was lower than expected. We’ll get this sorted for you soon.