Gas reading still not showing


Please can you tell me when my latest gas reading (02929, submitted 04.07.17) will be visible on my account as it is not yet visible (as of 11.07.17). The electricty reading (21109, also submitted on 04.07.17) is showing correctly.

Also, in the ‘My Usage’ section of the website, it shows both of my initial/ start readings for the 21.06.17 of 20823 for Electricty and 2919 for Gas. I do hope the gas reading is correct as i entered 02919 (it is 5 digits- metric) but the entry shows only 4 digits (2919). Does your system omit a leading zero?

Thanks for your help.

I also have the same issue with gas readings not showing up.

It says after entering that they may take up to two days to show, but from a UX perspective, if possible I’d rather it show up with “Pending” and then later on “Approved” or something just to make it clearer that the reading is in there and being handled. Thank you :+1:

Same problem here, my last gas reading was sent yesterday, as was one on 4 July yet neither are showing in my account. I’m getting rather tired of having to check to see whether readings are being correctly recieved or not. Come on, Bulb, do us a favour and sort this mess out. An email when we submit readings to say that they’ve been safely processed would be a nice touch.

Hi folks, there has recently been a change to the regulations regarding gas meter readings, they now need to be validated before being used for billing purposes, this issue is affecting all suppliers. We are working on our process for dealing with this new regulation and we will have this sorted ASAP. All of the readings you mention above are on our system and will appear once they have been validated. Apologies for the inconvenience it will be sorted soon.

Thanks for your reply James, that’s good to know. It’s my billing day today (though the reading I submitted was from the 9th after I was asked to by email), will my pending reading be taken into account before generating any statement? Or does the statement generation happen after the billing day? Slightly separate issue, but is it worth me submitting readings again today for the statement if the 9th is too long ago? Many thanks for your help.

Hey @harry37, if you submit a gas reading 2 days before the statement is generated, it should have been validated in time to be in there. Occasionally, the validation takes a little longer, in which case we would send you a new version of that statement with your customer reading included. I would always recommend submitting readings 2 days before if you want very accurate bills as it esnures the readings are loaded and validated in time. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @rachel, that’s really helpful. Is the statement day the same day as my billing day, i.e. each “monthiversary”(?) of joining?

Yes that’s correct Harry!