Gas reading

I have submitted gas and electricity readings, but i have noticed my gas readings aren’t showing up on my account.

nor mine i’m trying to phone Bulb

Spoke to Bulb, it’s because the reading I submitted was higher then they expected and would have to be checked. Hope that helps.

@rory725, @stuart5210 This is down to a recent change in the way the gas industry is dealing with readings. Gas readings now go through an industry-wide validation process. Just to check they look okay.

This means it might take a little longer to show up in your account. But don’t worry, we’ve got it.

This change happened after a big update for the gas industry last month, called Project Nexus. (Fancy name, right?)

Project Nexus has improved how the industry uses meter readings to estimate the gas consumption of your home and will harmonise how information is shared between parties within the gas industry, particularly suppliers and gas transporters.

We’re currently looking at ways we can tweak our billing system to accommodate for this new validation process to avoid this happening. But as with all changes, it takes time to smooth out the kinks.