gas reading

I set up this new bulb account for my mother - she doesn’t have internet.
I took a gas and electricity reading at her house last night. On returning home I successfully entered the electricity reading but on entering the gas reading was told it does not match what was expected. I called my mother this morning and asked her to give me a reading. The number she gave was the same as I read last night. It is only 100 more than the registered last reading in February. Is this normal or could the previous reading be wrong or an estimate? Clearly, the figure I have now is correct as two people independently verified it.
Thank you

Hi there @Whufc2001 when a first reading is flagged up as different to the expected, there are a couple of things that could be going wrong. We’re comparing the reading to the last one the old suppliers have on record, so if they have it down wrong that could cause issues. Alternatively, we may have taken over the gas supply for the wrong house, which would explain why the readings don’t match. Or it could just be that your mother has used less or more gas than the usual.

The way to fix all of these things is pretty much the same, we’ll ask you for a photo of the meter (next time you go around will be fine, I’m sure). We’ll use that to check the meter serial numbers, to make sure we have the correct meter, then we’ll add the reading from the picture for you. If you could email that photo over to we’ll get everything sorted out.