Gas reading

I have an imperial gas meter so only has a four digit reading . I’ve tried to submit this manually and by photo but cannot submit it . It says it requires 5 digits which I don’t have only the red digit which it says not to enter . Please help

Hi @Vjc1 ,

Odd - it sounds like your meter is misconfigured on the national database (which Bulb uses).

It might be worth looking at your previous gas suppliers last gas bill - it might say something like "Gas reading 02413’ - and if your meter currently says “2453” , then submit the reading with a leading zero (and probably just drop Bulb an email at to ask them to correct the national database). If your previous bill doesn’t start with a zero or your figure is a lot higher, I’d drop Bulb an email (with a photo of the meter) so then can advise what to do - it is possible the national database is really confused and has got a different meter entirely allocated to your address.

Thank you I will have to contact bulb as my previous bill does not start with a zero . Thank you for your advice

I think RichyB has it, enter a zero then the reading.
Info on reading meters here:

Thank you For the link