Gas readings lost on IHD

2 x SM + IHD installed yesterday, all good, all green on comms hub (except mesh). Both ‘live’ readings shown on IHD immediately and stable yesterday. This morning the elec is fine, but gas is showing ‘current’ as zero and ‘total’ as my guess at the reading around midnight yesterday. Also overnight the IHD now has the MPAN / MPRN filled in - it didnt before, so some kind of remote update? Meter itself is clocking up fine. What has gone wrong overnight?

Just to respond to myself (as no one from Bulb has bothered) - the gas readings re-appeared on the IHD at lunchtime and appear to be accurate and updating. It would appear that the overnight update that loaded the MPAN/ MPRN somehow ‘broke’ just the gas reads. Still no wifi… see other post.

Hi @nashenden,

Thanks for letting us know, I’m glad to hear the gas readings are back as they should be. Sometimes after a smart install it takes a few days to get the ball rolling. Let me know if you have any trouble seeing the data in the future.