Gas readings not showing on iHD, SmartThings or app

Hi, I got my meters installed the 3rd of November. Electricity readings are accurate every day but I’ve not had one reading for gas. I had an energy meter already to track my electricity usage but not gas, so the whole point of me getting the smart meters was to monitor gas. I’ve reset my iHD and requested online via my account page for a reset. Still nothing.

Hey @kevrollie, welcome to Community :grin: We hope that you enjoy using this platform. It sounds like your meter would benefit from the reading frequency to be changed to daily. You can do this using this link. It can take up to seven days for the change to make effect on your smart meters. Let us know how it goes :+1:

I’ll give that a try. Link doesn’t work, but I’ve changed it from half hour to daily. Just wondering, why will it make a difference changing it to daily from half hour readings?