Gas Readings


My gas readings are never accepted in Meter reading - it always shows them as unexpected values. I’ve supplied monthly customer readings and they never seem to get taken into account.


Hi @Andrew_F

I’ve corrected your account for you now. It seems your annual usage was set at 1 kWh incorrectly.

You will be able to load reads in from now on.

Thank you!

Hi I’m still getting this issue. Tried to load a gas reading and still get the same error

Hi @Andrew_F can you send us the reading and we’ll see if we can push it through for you? I believe my colleague had pushed a reading through for you.

Hi I’ve uploaded a new image for end of September. I still have to always supply an image for gas every time


Hi @Andrew_F sorry about that, we’ve added the reading to your account, and each time you give us a reading our system gets a little better so hopefully after one or two more it’ll stop asking you for more pictures