Gas Reads and estimates

My gas readings are still getting ignored every month and estimates - always too low - being used. It can’t be this hard surely?? Electricity reads go through fine.
Please sort this it’s now beyond irritating

Hi @Andrew_F,

The most likely reason they are being reject is the ‘independent third party meter reading verification company’ who Bulb has to, per OFGEM regulations, send meter readings to is rejecting the readings as they believe they are too high (based on their estimates). If you drop Bulb and email at - possibly including pictures of your meter showing the readings - I’m sure they’ll be able to prod things back into a working order.

Hi @Andrew_F I’m sorry if this has been aggravating for you. As RichyB says it looks like your readings have been failing validation-they’re higher than we expect, based on the previous reads from your meter. Every time you give us a read, though, we’ll get a bit better at estimating how much you should be using per month, so this problem should go away soonish