Gas Register has incorrect address for my meter

Hi All,

I live in a flat and the house it sits in has been recently renovated. The meters were reinstalled and I have ended up with the meter that originally served another flat. The other flats now have new meters (mine is the only one that had an old one reconnected that was switched around).

When I first moved in no company could find our meter and the gas register couldn’t either, eventually BG sent us a bill and Bulb were able to switch me over. However this meter issue just wont go away.

My meter is connected to Bulb and I seem to be being billed correctly etc. I’ve checked that only my meter numbers change when I am using gas.

However, after initially not being able to find my meter number the gas register now shows my meter as belonging to the old flat it served before it was switched to me.

Any tips on what to advise Bulb/Gas Register to do and what I will need? It was all quite confusing when i first moved in so I want to have as much info as possible before trying to resolve this issue.

All help gratefully received!


Hi @Bulber202 - sorry to hear there’s been so much confusion over your meter!

I can see from the pictures of your meter you sent us in the summer, that the serial numbers match and we have taken over the meter you are looking at.

It might be worth enquiring with your landlord or building manager to see if there is anything else about the property’s supply we need to be aware of, but it may just be a case of your meter being listed under the wrong address on the national database. We can request that to be changed.

Would you be able to send us an email to confirming your postal address so we can request the change for you?